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Posted on Mar 7, 2013 in Client Projects, GreenBy3 Blog

Biz611, A business incubator

Biz611, A business incubator

Client: 203 Neotrantor, LLC Location: Hendersonville, N.C.

Scope: 9,500 square feet • Sustainable new construction Description: GreenBy3 oversaw the deconstruction of two buildings at 611 Church St. in downtown Hendersonville and reclaimed specific materials for re-use. GreenBy3 is currently working with the owner on the construction of a new 9,500-square-foot building that will serve as a business incubator for start-up green and software development companies. Many of the materials from the deconstruction process were reclaimed and will be re-used in the new building.

Unique features: The building will maximize natural light, generate solar energy and capture water for use by way of an inverted roof. It will feature a plug-in station for electric or hybrid vehicles; a “living wall,” featuring a vertical garden on one side of the building; generous shared space, including a conference room, kitchen, porches, and a rooftop terrace that will encourage networking and collaborative processes.

Client feedback: “Among many other things, GreenBy3 ensures the construction process goes through smoothly. The staff assists with everything, from planning, design, construction and then moving in. One thing a lot of people forget is the way the building operates when it’s complete. GreenBy3 makes sure it’ll work effectively and deliver what it needs to do, which will save money in the long run.”– Jonathan Butler, 203 Neotrantor, LLC

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