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The services we offer are both flexible and scalable –we tailor them to fit the needs of the clients.


Construction Project Management

The construction or renovation of a building is a complex and frustrating process and businesses often don’t have the time or expertise to manage such a project. That’s where GreenBy3 comes in: thinking and acting with your business’s best interest in mind, we guide you through the entire construction process, helping you ask the right questions and make smart decisions that prevent time delays and undue costs.

From assembling a project team and developing your vision, to coordinating meetings and being your on-site representative, Greenby3 takes a “holistic” approach to project management, using active communication to maintain momentum and quickly address questions as they arise.



For those business owners who may be well-versed in the construction process, but still want or need professional guidance and a source for trusted, unbiased opinions, we offer our consulting services, which are simply a scaled back version of our Project Management services.



Our design services are packaged in with our Construction Project Management services but can also be stand-alone. We are experts in technical infrastructure design, including communications, networking, hardware, backup systems, etc., and we have a huge network of resources available to complete any technical job, large or small.

We also specialize in designing creative, sustainable and highly functional buildings and workspaces that fit your needs and culture. Our relationships with furniture manufacturers and dealers; flooring, lighting and wall-covering specialist; and local craftsman allow us to smoothly transition from design to implementation whenever you’re ready.


Want to learn more? Call GreenBy3 at 843-606-0355 to set up a meeting!